Elsa's Shockwave

Elsa cast a shockwave!


What a bold expression for children’s book!

In a Korean picture book of Frozen 2 for children, it is written that “Elsa cast a shockwave!” at the end of the “Into The Unknown” scene. I’m not sure what kind of feeling this expression gives to foreign people, but the expression “shockwave”, at least for Korean, gives quiet a bold or creepy feelings for a book for children. So many Koreans have thought this is a an awkward or misleading translation, but it’s not.


If we take a look at Frozen 2: The Magical Guide, which is a official Frozen 2 book by Disney, it exactly says that “Elsa cast a shockwave” at the end of the “Into The Unknown” sequence. So this SHOCKWAVE transaltion is not mistranslation. (Of course not quiet proper for children’s book..)