Spotting the location of kingdom of Arendelle

The kingdom of Arendelle is the main place where most events of Frozen takes place.

Based on some interviews and other literature, it has been known that Arendelle would be placed somewhere near Norway. But thigns have changed ever since the release of Frozen 2, because we now have a exact map of the kingdom of Arendelle in the movie, so we can spot its exact location. So, let’s clarify its exact location using that information.


In the shipwreck scene in Frozen 2, we see a map of Arendelle. This map says that the lattitude and longitude of Arendelle is 62.3 and 27. Now we can google this coordinate and get the position.


We find that it’s Finland, not Norway.

I’m not sure if the production team had intended this or not, but anyhow, we can definitely say that the exact location of Arendelle is Finland.