Anna's movement on the dam destruction scene

On the dam destruction scene in Frozen 2, what was the Anna’s intention and her movement against the Earth giants? It’s quick moment and we have many more to concentrate on this scnee, so it might be difficult to figure out what was actually happening. Let’s take a close look on this scene.


On first boulder hit: We see that the upper part of the dam is not compeletely destroyed by the boulder.


On the second boulder hit: Contrary to the first boulder, this second boulder completely destroies the dam. This menas that Anna cannot proceed along this direction, so she needs to go back. Then we see that she is on the right side of her running direction, but proceeds to the opposite side as whe reaches to the destroyed part.


Then in the next scene, we can see that she just tip-toes that spot.


  1. The firstboulder did not completely destroy the bridge.
  2. Anna runs away from the boulder. This looks quiet natural since no one would run away to the direction where the boulder is thrown from. Also this direction makes her being close to the Earth giants.
  3. But the second boulder completely destoies the bridge, which means that she can’t go this way. She intended to cross the bridge, but since the bridge is completely destroyed, she needed to change the plan.
  4. Then she just finds that the opposite side is not completely destroyed..
  5. So she just tip-toes the destroyed part of the bridge.
  6. Then she just makes final takeoff

and this is how the whole story goes on.