Some fine details on Elsa and Anna's dress in Frozen fever

Frozen fever is a short series about the commotion which takes places in Anna’s 19th birthday party that Elsa has prepared. As many of you already know, Elsa was very enthusiatic to prepare this party becasue she feels so sorry for not being able to be with her sister during her isolation for 13 years. Let’s wee how much Elsa cared for this party through her dress design.

Elsa bringing 19 flowers from the vase

In the first scene, Elsa uses her magic to decorate her dress with the flowers in Anna’s room, which totals 19. I’m not sure whether Disney intended this or not, but if you count it, it’s 19 anyway. Since this is Anna’s 19th birthday, I think she used 19 flowers to decorate her dress on purpose.

Elsa adding spangles to Anna’s dress

Second, let’s take a look at the number of sunflowers Elsa puts on Anna’s dress.

Anna’s skirt originally has no decorations, but Elsa decorates it with her magic. She uses sunflower which is one of favorite flowers of Anna. Let’s count how many of them are on there.

Starting from the central part of the skirt, she adds shiny sunflower effect counter-clockwise.

sunflowers on Anna’s dress

In the next scene, when Anna turns around, the 5 remaning sunflowers that have not yet been glittering starts glittering.

Total 12 sunflowers on Anna’s dress

The next scene.

On this figure, the far left sunflower is the far right sunflower on the previous image. Thus you can see that six sunflowers have been added from the central sunflower location.

So far, the total number of sunflowers attached to Anna’s dress is 12.

12 petals of sunflowers

We can find another evidence for the dress having 12 sunflowers on it by looking at the sunflower decoration seen in Frozen Fever. The number of petals on the decoration is 12. Therefore, it looks that the number 12 has some meaning related to the sunflowers, so we can infer that Elsa also used 12 sunflowers to decorate Anna’s dress.

2 additional sunflowers on the head and back

Then she puts 2 additional sunflowers on her head and back.

Summing up, we have total 12 +2 = 14 sunflowers.

Other flowers and decorations also seems glittering, but they are not sunflowers, so we ignore them.

5 sunflowers in bouquet

Then there are 5 additional sunflowers in the bouquet from the railing. So if we sum up all the sunflowers Anna had received,

Clothes 12 + Head 1 + Back 1 + Bouquet 5 = 19

Thus the number of sunflowers which Elsa presented to Anna is also 19 like her dress decoration. In other words, she decorated her dress with 19 flowers, and also gave 19 sunflowers to Anna.


In the dresses Elsa prepared for Anna’s birthday,

  • 19 flowers on Elsa’s dress
  • 19 sunflowers for Anna

were used. This shows how much Elsa prepared for her sister’s birthday.