Elsa is not fond of Olaf

Okay, it looks that Anna is always getting along with Olaf, but how about Elsa? The true fact is that if we take a close look at entire Frozen series, we can find a lot of evidences that Elsa is not actually font of Olaf.


Olaf ruining the cake which Elsa prepared for weeks to congratulate her sister’s 13 missed birthday…
We can sense a deep rising anger in Elsa.

THE MOMENT when he crossed the line. He just reveals Elsa’s biggest cringe moment to everyone.


(Very embrassed)


After those scenes, we see Elsa gradually keeping the distance from him. Even if the Iduna’s scarf is large enough to cover both of them, she just takes all of it.


On the contrary, Anna seems to like him quiet a lot.

This scene might look that Elsa hugs on Olaf, but if we take a close look, we see that she only touches Anna’s hand and face, not even a single part of Olaf.

So, with her losing patience,

Elsa finally takes an action. She buys a voodoo doll on ebay to curse him. Looks very satisfactory.


Its effect was quiet impressive. Olaf gets impaled when she sticks a needle in that voodoo doll as a trial.

But as a snowman, it can’t be killed in this way, so she just trains her magic to achieve this goal.

After all these efforts, she finally succeed killing him. It seems the happiest of her in the whole movie.


Elsa dislikes Olaf.