All things about the sextant girl


Let’s find out more details about our cute sextant girl!

The first appearance of our cute sextant girl was when Elsa came out of the castle to seize the day.


If you look at the yellow box on the figure, you can see the sextant girl coming with a man and woman who look like their parents. Here we can infer that

  1. The sextant girl is an only daughter.

In fact, she seems to appear in the previous scene when Anna first meets Kristoff, but on that scene, their parents looks difrerent. If you are interest, you can compare the girl on that scene with this.

This is the scene I think that many of you have already noticed. On the right side, we can see the sextant trying to place a pumpkin on the plate. On this scene she’s not wearing the coat.


And then she sppears again on the firework scene. You can see the sextant girl standing on Anna’s right side. She is still not wearing the coat.


But if you take a close look at the choral scene after Elsa creating the firework, you can’t see that girl on the Anna’s right side. Where has she gone?


Here, you can spot a new kid who looks like the sextant girl appeared on left side of Elsa. If you compare this girl with the sextant girl, she has almost the same outfit and looks like sextant girl.

Then why her position was changed? I think that she was waiting for Elsa coming to the center, and as Elsa stood on the opposite side of her, she quickly moved close to Elsa. Maybe she watned to see Elsa’s magic close, or be just close to Elsa. So we can also infer that

  1. She adores Elsa.

Dancing time.

This is the biggest close-up scene for the sextant girl.

Our cutie also appears on the last scene. Take note of the girl at the bottom right among the clapping crowds.


Sorry for the low resolution, but the overall appearance matches the sextant girl.


And she also appears on the statue construction ceremony. Take a note of a yellow box on the figure.

The quality of the viceo is a little disappointing, but we can see that it’s almost the same person.


Then why sextant?

I think it’s related to the overall composition the Some things never change (STNC). In STNC, All the situations appearing on the movie contradict to the lyrics. For example, when Anna says ‘Like an old stone wall that will never fall’, it just collapses as Olaf steps on it.

Do you remember the lyrics on this scene? It was ‘Though the future remains unknown). But sextant is a tool for measuring celestial motion, movements, latitude, etc which can be interpreted as a symbol for making future as a predictable thing. So sextant makes ‘Future remains KNOWN’, where this contradicts to the lyrics so the whole composition of SNTC naturally flows to this scene also.


Now let’s caculate the girl’s approximate height and age. In the table preparation scene, we see that her head position roughtly equals to Anna’s belly button. Since Anna’s height is 165cm, her height should be about 100cm.


And this is the average height table for the Norwegian girl by age. She looks about 5 to 6 years old. You can think that she is about the same as Anna on the opening scene, since she was 5 years old then.


  1. The sextant girl is assumed to be an only child.
  2. She adores Elsa more than Anna
  3. She is 100cm tall and about 5 years old.