Northuldra camp-before and now

Northuldra are nomadic people. In the movie and novels, they are described as people living in the camp in one place, then moving to another, building camps there for a while, then moving. Then, how has the appearance of their camp changed over time?

In Frozen 2, the Northuldra appears three times. The first is during the brutal battle between Northuldra and Arendelle 34 years ago. The second is when the main characters enter the enchanted forest, and the last is a few weeks in the ending scene. Comparing the appearance of their camps in each scene, we would be able to distinguish which parts of their camps have been changed over time.

In this article, we find out how much their camps have changed through each scene.

34 years ago

Northuldra camp 34 years ago

First, take a look at the appearance of the Northudra camp 34 years ago. This appears in the opening sequence in Frozen 2, as shown above. We can’t see the whole landscape but can see some tents and tools lying in their camps.

To simplify the comparison analysis, let’s divide the above into the 3 parts. We number each part as (1), (2), and (3) and compare those to the Northuldra camps seen in Frozen 2.


The main character and the Northuldra people resting at the camp

In Frozen 2, after Elsa tames Bruni, her party takes a break at the Northuldra camp before heading to the north to reach Ahtohallan. Compared to the one 34 years ago, the current appearance of their camp looks as above. Let’s compare how these camps differed from the camp 34 years ago.

Region (1)

the left camp

First, look at the scene Olaf gets zoomed in. Olaf is hanging out with the Northuldra children in front of the tent. Take a close look at the tools in front of the tents. You can recognize that they are identical to those in (1) region of the camp 34 years ago. You can observe that the basket and rolled-up sleeping bag(?) shape are the same.

Kristoff and Ryder

Now, look at the scene above where Kristoff and Ryder are walking along.

On the left side of the image, you can still see Olaf and the children sitting and hanging out together. If we consider the arrangement of tools, especially the basket, this would be the region (1). That is, we can certainly say that the tent in the region (1), denoted in the above figure, would be the same in the region (1) 34 years ago.

Region (2)

Then, it would be a natural question to ask whether the tent right side of it would be the same as 34 years ago. Let’s compare the scenes.

Tent back from Kristoff and Ryder

The people sitting in front of the tent block the direct view, but this tent would be the same tent in the region (2) considering the arrangements of the two basket and door of the tent. The people are chillin each other around the bonfire, which is the same place in the opening scene.

Northuldra camp

That is, we observe that regions (1) and (2) have the same appearance as 34 years ago. Now, let’s examine region (3).

Region (3)

Tents behind Iduna

On the front side of this tent, we see a white rolled-up sleeping bag, and the same object appeared in the tent 34 years ago. That is, this tent has the same appearance as 34 years ago.

All in all, the camp Northuldra is currently living in is exactly same camp they had lived in 34 years ago.

Epilogue scene

In the film, we can observe the Northuldra camp one more time in the epilogue scene. Their camp appears in the epilogue sequence where Anna sends a charade invitation to Elsa.

Elsa catching Anna’s letter

By the way, the camps in this scene do not resemble the others in other scenes.

The entrance of the enchanted forest

However, what we need to pay attention to is their camp location. Following Gale carrying the paper letter, we can see that the Northuldra is currently living just near the entrance of the enchanted forest.

However, we know that the camp did not exist when Elsa’s party entered the enchanted forest because it took some time to meet them. So, this place would have been constructed after the forest mist disappeared.

Migration of the Northuldra

Thus, we might say that they have moved this place recently. That is, they had lived deep inside the forest and moved near the forest’s entrance, as denoted in the above. Their previous camp would have been near the dam, considering their route, and the current camp is near the forest’s entrance.

Since the Northuldra can freely go in and out of the forest, they might have moved the camp near the entrance.


Northuldra camp

  1. The two Northuldra camps appearing in Frozen 2 are the same place.
  2. After the mist of the enchanted forest had disappeared, the Northuldra moved their camp near the forest’s entrance.