Anna and Elsa's teardrops

Elsa and Anna, being emotionally sensitive, show their teardrops quite often. Let’s examine the characteristics of their tear through the scenes.

Frozen Anna

Elsa crying over frozen Anna

Take a look at Elsa first. Elsa rarely sheds tears throughout the movie, and the only time she weeps is when Anna freezes. Looking closely at this scene, you can see Elsa’s tears flowing only from her right eye.

In the above figure, you can clearly see that the teardrops flow from the right eye, while it does not flow on her left eye.

Frozen Elsa

Next, consider the scene in Frozen 2 where Anna is trapped in the lost cavern.

Anna crying by Olaf’s death

At this point, Elsa got frozen in Ahtohallan, Olaf dies, and Anna discovers what happened. Anna bursts into tears by her sister’s misery and Olaf’s death. You can see the tears burst out from Anna’s right eye.

We can again see that the tears only flow from her right eye, not on the left eye. Is it just a coincidence that Anna and Elsa’s tears flow from their right eye?

Anna in the lost cavern

Now, move on to the next scene.

Anna cried all night in the cave

In this scene, after the death of both Elsa and Olaf, Anna, who is left alone, cries all night in the cave till the next morning. You can see the tear marks on her right cheek.

Anna with tears in her eyes

In the next scene, you can observe that the tears are also shedding from her left eye. However, judging from the tear marks on her right cheek, we can infer that the tears flowed earlier or more from the right eye. That is, we can say the tears from the right eye are kinda superior.

Anna in the next right thing

Anna in the next right thing

Feeling heartsick during the ’the next right thing’ scene, Anna again weeps. Once again, her tears flow down from her right eye.

Again, in this case, the tears do not flow from her left eye. So for Anna, we can clearly say that the tears flow from her right eye in most cases.

Elsa and Anna

Now let’s move to the end of the film, where Elsa returns.

Anna crying for joy at Elsa’s resurrection

This scene is where Anna is in tears of joy for Elsa’s return. At this time, she just shed tears in both eyes. But focus on the last moment she is holding back her crying to hear Elsa’s voice.

Anna bearly holds her cry and listens to Elsa, and even at this time, the last teardrops flow down from her right eye, and she just wipes it with her hand. Even though there is a tear mark on her right eye, once again, the tears again flows down, and she wipes them. That is, she can hold the tears in her left eye but not in her right eye, so it just overflows.

Anna and Olaf

Anna sad to see the resurrected Olaf

Now, look at the scene where Olaf is resurrected. Anna doesn’t shed tears in this scene.

But if you look again, you can see the rubbing of the right eye. It’s like rubbing your eyes when tears are about to come out. In other words, in this case, we can say Anna is holding back tears from right eye.

Taken these observations together, in almost all scenes, Anna’s tears are shed through her right eye. In the case of Elsa, the sample is small, but we might regard she would have the same characteristics as Anna.


Anna and Elsa almost always weep in their right eye.