What Northuldra children do when they play with each other

Living in the enchanted forest as nomadic people, the Northuldra have a different way of lifestyle from the Arendellians, the urban people. So we think the way Northuldra children play with each other might differ from the Arendellian children. What would they do in the enchanted forest? This article examines how the Northuldra children play with each other in this forest.

What do they do

Northuldra camp

The above image is the scene where Anna and Mattias are talking to each other. They are watching the Northuldra camp, and other people, Elsa or Honeymaren, sit on the ground and talk to each other. Pay attention to the children marked in the white box.

It’s difficult to verify in the original scene, but we can distinguish what they are actually doing if we zoom the screen.

One child, who looks like a tagger, circles around the children and taps the head of a child, then that child chases the tagger. You might already know that this game is. The name of this game differs from country to country, but in some regions, it is called Duck, Duck, Goose.

Some countries call it Duck, Duck, Gray Duck or Quail, Quail, Quarry. For those who don’t know this game, here are simple rules.

  1. Players sit in a circle.
  2. A tagger circles around them and taps one’s head, saying Duck or Goose.
  3. If the tagger says Goose, the chaser stands and tries to tag the tagger. The tagger runs around and tries to sit in the empty spot where the chaser had been sitting.

There are some variations of this game, but the basic rules are similar around countries. That is, the Northuldra children are playing Duck, Duck, Goose.

One question

However, we can spot something peculiar if we examine this scene carefully. Let’s go back to the initial sequence.

Northuldra camp

See the above image. It looks similar to the first image, but it appears a little bit earlier than the Anna-Mattias chatting scene. We see that Elsa, Honeymaren, and other Northuldra people are sitting in the same spot as in the first image. However, we do not see the children playing duck, duck, or goose on the spot marked with a white box. Where did they go?

Is it a rendering error? No. Here’s the reason.

In the intro scene, we see that two Northuldra are running away.

Northuldra children running away

If we zoom that scene, we see two Northuldra children. The left looks a little chubby with gray hair, and the right has some darker hair.

Duck Duck Goose

Now, let’s go back to the Duck Duck Goose scene. See the two children marked in the above image. These two look almost similar to the previous two children who had been running across the camp.

Northuldra camp

That is, the two children in the above scene are the same people. Then we might explain why the Northuldra children had not been seen in the first Northuldra camp scene. The scenario is like this:

Northuldra camp

  1. They were playing somewhere else before this scene.
  2. Someone, or those two children running away, called other children to play duck, duck goose.
  3. Then, they gathered and begun to play duck, duck, and goose around that spot.

I guess that some other child had just suggested playing the game to others, and those two children were excited and ran to play it. Also, if this is true, we can say that they had just started the game when Anna and Mattias had just begun to chat with each other.

Then, it seems pretty natural that why they had not been on the spot initially, then had appeared later.


  1. The Northuldra children play duck, duck, goose
  2. They started playing the duck, duck, goose game just before Anna and Mattias started chatting with each other.