Anna in the Arendelle castle balcony

Elsa surprised at the hailstone

Elsa finally releases her magical power in response to the mysterious voice from the north. This magic generates a bunch of icy crystals of each magical spirit. However, something got wrong, and these crystals began to fall like hailstone across Arendelle. A secret is hidden in this scene, and in this article, we examine that.

Elsa gets freaked out by this crystal hailstone and turns back.

If we examine this scene carefully, we notice that she first turns her body back and look at the left side, then at the last moment, she slightly turns her head back to right and stares somewhere. It’s like she had just spotted something there.

Elsa staring at Arendelle castle balcony

If we chase what she’d been staring at, we find that it is Arendelle’s castle balcony, where she had been standing just a few minutes ago.

Why had Elsa been looking there? Is there something? Let’s zoom that place a little bit.

Focus on the central spot inside the balcony. It’s not clear to say what it is precisely, but we see a kind of white spot or feature inside the red square marked. At least, it doesn’t seem like a crystal to me since it’s too big and looks like it is just standing (or fixed) there. It also looks shiner than other crystals. What on earth would that be?

Anna in the Balcony

If we think about the previous scene, we can get a hint about this question. We know that after Elsa made these icy crystals, Anna woke up from sleep, headed into the balcony, and got embarrassed about what she’d seen. This balcony would certainly be the same spot where Elsa was staring. That is,

  1. An unknown feature in the castle balcony
  2. Anna headed to the balcony.
  3. Elsa is staring at the balcony.

You might have already noticed that it, or the small feature in the castle balcony, seems like Anna. Of course, it would be almost impossible to identify if it’s really a person or not, even if we upscale it since it’s too tiny, but this seems the most probable explanation.

We can also find a phrase supporting this idea in the novel.

Curious, Anna stepped out onto the balcony… and then spotted Elsa far away, near the fjord.

p42, F2 junior novelization

In the junior novel, it is described that Anna stepped onto the balcony and spotted Elsa far away. Since the book is based on the movie, the animators would have also placed Anna on the balcony (although it’s almost invisible). Furthermore, we might be able to say Elsa also spotted Anna since she was staring at the balcony, too.

Of course, Elsa’s bedroom is on the third floor of the castle, and the Balcony where Elsa stepped out is not a bedroom balcony, so some mismatches exist, but that seems a minor error.

All in all, it seems that the feature on the castle balcony after Into the unknown scene is Anna.


Elsa staring at Anna on the castle balcony

The mysterious feature in the Arendelle castle balcony in the Into the unknown scene is Anna.