Anna's favorites: Krumkake and Kransekake

Lots of Norweigan foods appear in Frozen. From the local food such as Norwegian cookies, bread, and lutefisk to some typical desserts such as chocolate, we see a variety of them in Frozen movies.

Anna and Elsa have pretty different tastes in food, but they both enjoy some food: chocolate and krumkake. According to some published books, the two have different tastes, but they both like Krumkake. We know what chocolate is, then what is Krumkake?

Krumkake on the table

Krumkake first appears in Frozen 1 during the ‘For the First Time in Forever’ scene where Anna just throws the statue and destroys the cake.

The one on the bottom left in the above picture is Krumkake. The correct pronunciation is “KROOM-ka-ka”.

Anna is holding a krumkake

In the movie, we do not see a particular scene of Anna enjoying the Krumkake. Still, in some storybooks and character sheets, Krumkake is described as Anna’s favorite dessert.

Photo of Krumkake

The real Krumkake looks like the above. It’s very similar to a waffle. The one above has cream inside it, but it doesn’t necessarily need to have the cream.

Then, why is it called Krumkake? The word Krumkake is Norwegian, which is interpreted in English as follows.

Krum translates into curved.
Kake translates into cake.

So, basically, the Krumkake means curved cake, as it looks. It looks like an as curved cake, so its name became Krumkake. Simple as it is.

Anna tries to sneak a bite of the cake

Another kake-dish in Frozen is Kransekake. The large cake Anna’s trying to sneak a bite of is kransekake. The Kransekake is usually prepared on some particular day, such as a ceremony or festival. In the movie, the Christmas event was about to hold in the Arendell castle, so they prepared that cake. As Krumkake, it is pronounced as “KRANE-ka-ka”.


This food is traditional food prepared when there is a wedding or other events in Norway, and the actual appearance is as above. If you look at Kransekake, the name is quite similar to Krumkake. Kake would mean cake as before, then what is kranse?


Kranse means wreaths in English. Therefore, Kransekake could be translated into wreath cake, which seems to be a very proper name. It actually looks like layered flower crowns. Presenting flowers means celebrating in most cultures, and making and using food in this shape seems quite an interesting custom.


  1. Anna and Elsa both like krumkake.
  2. Krumkake means a curved cake.
  3. Kransekake means wreath cake.