The outfit of the Northuldra people

Frozen 2 introduces new settings out of Frozen 1, one of which is the Norduldra people living in the enchanted forest. They are basically a group of people inspired by the Sami people (Sami people). Their living environment and clothes are also very different from the general Arendelle people. In this article, we take a look at the clothes of the Northuldra people.

First of all, the base element of the Northuldra’s outfit is hexagon. It can be seen that most decorations and patterns are based on hexagonal shapes.

1. Buttons

Northuldra outfit - buttons

See the buttons on their collars. We see that they are hexagon-shaped. We also find a difference between men and women. Also, men and women have slightly different compositions:

  • Women: One large hexagon with two small hexagons below it.
  • Men: two large hexagons in parallel.

And the color is also different between them. Women’s buttons look like something like gold, and men’s are ivory or silver. And only women’s clothes have decorations which count to 46 pieces in total, and the number is the same regardless of age.

2. Belt

Northuldra outfit - belt

The next one is the belt.

As you can see, women and men wear their belts in diffent ways. Men wear their belts in clockwise ways, while women do that counter-clockwise. The way men and women fasten their belts is different even in modern clothing, and you can see the difference here as well. But the noticeable point is that in reality, contrary to the movie, men usually wear their belts counter-clockwise and women in clockwise ways.

Northuldra outfit - fastening belt

Then how do they tie their belt?

And how to fasten this belt.

If you closely look at the front of the belt, something like string is tied on it. They tie their belt using this string. It seems to be a rather loose way, but this may be the best and most advanced way for indigenous peoples who lead a nomadic life. For reference, Arendelle people use the buckle method that we generally use.

3. Ornament

Northuldra outfit - ornament

Each belt has an ornament resembling a horse’s tail, four for adults. We again see the attaching pattern is opposite between men and women. The colors are also different, but in the case of Rider and Honeymaren, the color looks like 2 blue + 2 green = 4 in total. Others carry 4 purple or 4 green ornaments.

I’m not sure if it’s related to the family or clan, but people carry different styles. Since Honeymaren and Rider are carrying the same one, it is presumed that it differs by clan. Still, no more detailed evidence could be found.

4. For kids

Northuldra outfit - kids

The children’s belt is also embellished. However, for children, there are two decorations, and the position is the same as for adults.

Based on the location of the decoration and the shape of the neck button, we can infer the gender of the children in the above figure. The one on the left is a girl, and the two on the right are boys.

5. Difference Between Adult and Child Belts

Northuldra outfit - difference

The belts for adults and children are slightly different. In the case of adults, there exist holes along the bottom lines of the belt so that various tools can be installed. They actually carry many tools there, but children have no such holes. And the pattern is slightly different.

6. Usage of strings

Northuldra outfit - usage of strings

I don’t know if the strings on the belt are just for decoration, but there are scenes in the movie where the same props are used to tie shoelaces or on top of pants. From this observation, we might say that they carry that strings on their belt and use them when necessary.

7. Outfit of Iduna

Iduna’s outfit

For Iduna, she is the only one wearing different clothes. First of all, it’s a kinda sleeveless vest, and she’s the only one wearing it. These clothes seem to be worn in summer or spring when it’s not very cold. And in this outfit, she does not use a belt. Instead, she just ties it with something like a string.

8. Tools

Northuldra tools

As mentioned, the Northuldra carry many tools on their belt, most of which are scissors, knives, and pouches. I’m not sure what the tool is on the rightmost side of the above figure. The lifestyle of carrying tools on their belts is similar to the real Sami people.

9. Reindeer


I think most of the clothes are made of reindeer, judging from their texture and colors. As nomadic people carrying a herd of reindeer, they naturally employ the reindeer leather in their clothes.


  1. Buttons: men (2) and women (1+2).
  2. Belt: men (clockwise), women (counter-clockwise)
  3. Adults and children have different belt designs.
  4. Tools: knife, scissors, pocket, etc.
  5. The one Iduna is wearing is different from those worn by other Northuldra people.
  6. Made of Reindeer