Tracking Elsa's route in Into the Unknown scene #1

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As a response to the Ah-ah-ah-ah call, Elsa wakes up the spirits of the Enchanted Forest, and the disaster settles in Arendelle. Heavy wind batters, and the earth shakes violently.

Elsa hiding behind the Arendelle castle wall

Elsa comes back to the castle right away, noticing these changes. Then she takes a breather saying, ‘No fire, no water, the earth is next!", .

At this point, Elsa is in the castle, but at which spot exactly she is in the castle? Or might it not be the case? In this article, we try to find out the exact position where Elsa is standing in this scene.

Comparing the backside wall to Arendelle castle wall

First, let’s clarify whether this is inside or outside of the castle.

Take a look at the castle walls behind Elsa. Examining it carefully, we see a roof-shaped feature behind the trees. We also see some plant boxes under that.

In the opening scene, we can also find the same stuff in the Arendelle castle. Thus, it would be reasonable to assume that this position is inside the castle, considering the roof, plant boxes, and walls. Also, the building right side of Elsa would be the Arendelle castle.

Then the walls behind Elsa would be Arendelle’s castle wall. Now, let’s discuss which spot would be most suitable for this.

schematic diagram of Arendelle castle

Above is the schematic diagram of Arendelle castle. Considering the previous scene, that spot would be (1) or (2), as marked in the figure.

First, we consider (1) position.

Comparing the first position to the schematic diagram

If we assume that Elsa is standing at (1), the front side of the castle, we should have the church in our view when we see Elsa and Arendelle castle. But as seen in the movie, there do not seem to be any kinds of buildings between Elsa and the castle.

picure showing no existence of any trees in Arendelle castle yard

Also, we see some trees between Elsa and the castle. But as can be verified from the above figure, there are no kinds of trees in the front yard of the castle.

Thus, it seems that the (1), the front yard of the castle, is not the place where Elsa was standing in the scene.

picure comparing Elsa’s position to the backyard of the castle.

Now, assume that Elsa ran to (2), the backyard of the castle. The arrangement of Elsa and castle walls would be as above figure. In this case, we have to question whether there exist any kinds of pillar or wall where Elsa can hide her body.

View of Arendelle castle in ending scene.

There’s no direct view of the backyard of the Arendelle castle, but we can see some kind of lookout tower sticking out of the castle wall. Its brick wall also resembles the wall behind Elsa.

Estimation of distance from the plant boxes

We also see 3 plant boxes lying on the ground. Suppose we estimate the distance of 3 plant boxes from the opening scene. In that case, it says that Elsa is approximately standing in the middle of the castle walls. So not only the wall shape but distance also fits well.

It’s almost impossible to think of other places which reproduce this view, so we can consider the backyard of the castle as the place where Elsa ran into after Into the Unknown scene.

Showing castle having no ice decoration

There’s something peculiar point in this scene.

If you take a close look at the scene, you cannot find any kinds of ice decoratins both on the castle and castle wall. But as you know, Elsa decorated the castle wall with ice using her magic. But we don’t see any of them in this scene.

Comparing castle walls from past and present

Rather, the old Arendelle castle design at Runeard time looks much similar to this scene. Why? I don’t know the answer, but it could be technical issues or just using it.

total route for Elsa after into the unknown scene

Summing up, Elsa would take the above route after Into the unknown scene. She might come back to the castle through the north door, then she would run into the castle’s backyard. Then, she would just escape outside of the castle with people.


After awakening the spirits, Elsa came back to the Arendelle castle through the northern door and ran into the castle’s backyard.