Hidden Mickey in Frozen series

As an Easter egg, hidden Mickey appears in many Disney movies. Frozen series are no exception, and we can spot many of them if we closely look at each scene. In this article, we try to find Let’s find them.

1. Frozen 1 - Elsa & Anna’s room

First, we can see the Mickey in the opening scene of Frozen 1.

Above is the opening scene of Frozen 1, before Anna gets stuck her head by Elsa. Let’s take a look at the window of the room.

Mickey under the window

Difficult to recognize by dark lighting, but we can see some dolls which Anna and Elsa are playing with, such as a bear and a unicorn. But next to them, we can see a Mickey-shaped doll. It is Mickey from the black ear, face, and yellow foot.

Elsa being separated from Anna

We can see this Mickey more clearly in the scene where Elsa gets isolated in her room after the accident. In this scene, we again see the yellow foot under the window. It was difficult to recognize the color due to dark lighting, but we can clearly identify its color. Thus, we can clearly say it is Mickey.

One more fact is that the owner of this doll is Elsa. As you know, Elsa occupies the left side of the room, whereas Anna occupies the right side. When she leaves the room, she takes all her belongings.

Elsa taking all her belongs when she left the room

At this moment, we see that the Mickey placed under the window also disappears. This is, Elsa took it away to her room.

Same place but without Mickey in Frozen 2

This spot also appears in the opening scene of Frozen 2, but this time we don’t see it. As in Frozen 1, the bear and unicorn dolls are in the same position, but Mickey is gone.

2. Frozen 1 - library

Another Mickey can be spotted in the song ‘Do you wanna build a snowman’.

In this scene, 9-year old Anna plays by herself and wanders around the castle, and in one scene, she is lying in the castle library. On the top-left side, we see a bookshelf. Take a look at it.

Mickey hidden in the bookshelf

The lighting in this scene is still dark to recognize what is there, but we can see the Mickey after modifying the contrast.

3. Frozen 1 - Oaken’s store

The third Mickey can be spotted in the Oaken’s store.

When Anna is looking for winter boots and a dress, we can see Mickey-shaped stuff behind the shelf.

Mickey on the shelf

Round ears and red body reveal that it is clearly Mickey.

4. Frozen 2 - Charade

Olaf mimicking Mickey

In Frozen 2, we can also see Mickey. Everyone would already know this one when Olaf mimics a mouse playing a family charade.

5. Frozen 2 - Enchanted forest

The last Mickey (as I’m aware of) appears in the scene where Olaf sings ‘When I’m older".

When Olaf runs away from the four spirits, he falls into a bit of a footprint. Let’s pause the scene just before he leaps into the pit.

미키마우스의 뒷모습과 비슷한 올라프의 점프 모습

He falls into the pit upside down, and this feature resembles Mickey turning back. His two feet for Mickey’s ears, hands for Mickey’s hands, and his branch hair for Mickey’s tail.

It’s not 100% certain to say this one is intended to show Mickey as in previous cases, but I’m guessing this is Mickey.


The hidden Mickey in the Frozen series can be spotted in the following places:

  1. Frozen 1 - Elsa & Anna’s room, the opening scene
  2. Frozen 1 - library, Do you wanna build a snowman scene
  3. Frozen 1 - Oaken’s store
  4. Frozen 2 - Family charade
  5. Frozen 2 - Enchanted Forest, When I’m older scene