Iduna and Agnarr's birthday

young Iduna

The birthday of the two main characters in the Frozen series is well known: winter solstice for Elsa and summer solstice for Anna. Yes, that’s a canon. Then, how about the other characters? It seems that not much has been discussed on their parents’ (Iduna and Agnarr) birthday. This article discusses their birthday by looking at the Zodiac signs and searching some Frozen books.

4 elements and Zodiac signs

The magic in the Frozen universe is based on the classical 4 elements theory (about air, fire, water, and earth). According to traditional astrology, these 4 elements are related to each Zodiac sign (a.k.a. Triplicity rulerships). Thus, we might be able to find some hints for the character’s birthday by comparing the personal elements and the Zodiac signs.

As a starting point, let’s briefly look at the classical 4 elements theory.

cycle of 4 elements

So, what classical 4 elements theory says is basically a cycle among elements in the following order: Air → Fire → Earth → Water. Each element also possesses its own characteristic, such as coldness or hotness, and we can relate these to the four seasons.

Element Property Season
Air wet spring
Fire hot summer
Earth dry fall
Water cold winter

Fire can be naturally connected to hot, so to the summer season, and water is cold, so to winter, and so on.

Now let’s move on to 12 Zodiac signs. Each Zodiac sign or astrological sign belongs to a specific period of the year. For instance, Gemini corresponds to the period between May 21 to June 21. These periods are, in fact, divided by the position of the sun, so we get the following table.

Signs Event Season
Aries Equinox Spring
Taurus Spring
Gemini Spring
Cancer Solstice Summer
Leo Summer
Virgo Summer
Libra Equinox Fall
Scorpio Fall
Sagittarius Fall
Capricornus Solstice Winter
Aquarius Winter
Pisces Winter

The event refers to the beginning day of that Zodiac sign. For example, the winter solstice often happens on Dec. 21. You can think of this as the end of Sagittarius (Nov. 23 ~ Dec. 21) or the beginning of the Capricornus (Dec. 21 ~ Jan. 19).


With this knowledge of 4 elements and Zodiac signs, let’s get back to the Frozen story.

Elsa opening presents

We know Elsa’s birthday day is winter solstice. Winter solstice also corresponds to the beginning of the winter (Capricornus). And in my opinion, if we were to choose only one element closest to Elsa, I think it would be water. Of course, ice is different from water elements in classical elements theory, but considering her affection for Nokk and the connection between ice and water, water would be her element.

These observations make it pretty natural why Elsa was born on the winter solstice. Let Elsa’s element be water. Water dominates winter. Winter begins on the winter solstice. Then it would be natural to say that a person with a water element would be born on the winter solstice.


How about Anna?

Anna biting birthday cake

Anna’s birthday is summer solstice. Summer solstice corresponds to the beginning of the summer, and the corresponding element is fire.

Then does Anna have any fire-related traits? Of course, there does not exist any explicit evidence.

However, we know that Anna is the complete antithesis of Elsa. Her personality is completely opposite to Elsa’s. She does not possess any magic and is a very outgoing person. In Frozen 1, she also melts her sister’s frozen heart. So if we say Elsa’s element is water, Anna’s one would be its opposite one, fire.

Then as in Elsa’s case, we could say a person with a fire element would be born at the beginning of the summer, the summer solstice.


We now discuss Iduna.

young Iduna and Agnarr

If you have read the articles up to here, you will know what I’m gonna say. Iduna has strong connection to wind without any doubt. She only hangs out with the wind spirit Gale, and her spirit call only brings Gale.

Then we could say that Iduna’s element would be air. Following the same logic as Elsa and Anna, her birthday then would be spring equinox (Mar. 21), since the spring is dominated by air.

From the book

Some books support this idea.

Frozen book cover

One French children’s book covers the winter end’s festival in Arendelle.

Why do they have a winter end’s festival?

le printemps s’annonce ! Pour les deux soeurs, c’est un moment tres special, car c’est celui de l’anniversaire de leur mere. Organisons un festival en son honneur pour celebrer la fin de l’hiver! propose Anna.

spring is coming! For the two sisters, it’s a very special moment, because it’s their mother’s birthday. Let’s organize a festival in her honor to celebrate the end of winter! offers Anna.

p9, Le festival de lhiver

This says that it has come the winter’s end season (beginning of the spring), and since this day is mother Iduna’s birthday, they are gonna organize a festival for her honor.

Winter end’s festival

The shorter English version also says

Toward the end of snowball season and before spring was a special time for Elsa and Anna. It was their mother’s birthday

p2, Anna & Elsa's Winter's End Festival

As seen in this book, the beginning of spring is Iduna’s birthday.

This beginning of spring corresponds to the spring equinox (Mar. 21). Of course, this book was published in 2014 before anything about Frozen 2 was settled in. So the arguments based on the elemental spirits in Frozen 2 might not apply. Still, we see no conflicts arise even if we borrow her relation to the wind (or air).


The arguments on each character’s birthday can be summarized as follows:

Who Elements Birthday
Iduna wind Spring equinox
Anna Fire Summer solstice
Elsa Water Winter solstice

In the case of Agnarr, I couldn’t find any materials commenting on his birthday. So it’s difficult to pin down one specific date.

However, we see that the birthdays of our main characters (Elsa, Anna, and Iduna) are the beginning of each season. Only the remaining is the beginning of the fall season.

So, we may put Agnarr’s birthday to that date, the fall equinox. Then the element related to Agnarr would be earth, and his birthday would be fall equinox (Sep. 23). Of course, this is just a naive guess and should not be seriously considered.


  1. Winter is governed by the water element, so Elsa, with a deep relationship with water, was born at the beginning of the winter season. Same logic for Anna.
  2. Following this logic and considering Iduna’s relationship with Gale, Iduna’s birthday would be the spring equinox (Mar. 21).
  3. Descriptions from some books support this idea.
  4. Agnarr’s birthday might befall equinox, Sep. 23.