Anna and Elsa's dresses: who made them?

Concept art for Anna and Elsa’s dresses

One of the viewpoints of watching the Frozen series is enjoying the variety of outfits of our main characters. Anna and Elsa showcase a range of different outfits throughout the series, which sum up to about 20 outfits or so.

Then, a question naturally pops up. Where did they get these dresses from? Since they are royals, the royal tailors may have made them up, or they may have achieved them through royal trades, or even they could have made them personally. In this article, we examine where each dress might have come from.

Royal tailor

So, it’s basically the royal tailors who had crafted most of the outfits of Anna and Elsa (especially Anna) throughout the entire Frozen series. There is a dressing room in Arendelle castle where most of the clothes worn by the two sisters are stored according to the season and purposes.

All of Anna and Elsa’s outfits are handmade and tailored… Once the seamstress makes a piece of clothing, the item is sent to the best embroiderer in Arendelle, who adds intricate details.

p36, A frozen world

So, it seems that most outfits are initially tailored by the royal tailors and then likely outsourced for embellishments or gemstone work.

Arendelle castle’s dressing room

Moreover, the majority of Anna and Elsa’s clothes are stored in the castle’s dressing room. The dressing room is known to be situated somewhere in between Anna and Elsa’s rooms.


Anna and Elsa’s childhood clothes

As mentioned earlier, most of the outfits seen in Frozen 1 were crafted by royal tailors. Therefore, it’s likely that child Anna and Elsa’s outfits, as well as the dresses before Elsa’s coronation, were created in this manner.

Elsa’s let it go dress

Also, as everyone knows, Elsa’s “Let it go” dress is something that she had created herself with her ice magic. During this transformation, it is wondering what happened to her original coronation dress. However, based on the dress decoration scene from Frozen: Fever, it seems that Elsa can transform some parts or materials of her dresses with her magic.

Anna’s traveling coat

As depicted in the movie, Anna’s traveling coat was purchased from the Oaken’s shop. We don’t know the exact price, but it’s likely a bit pricy.

Price of Anna’s coronation dress

In a subsequent scene from Once Upon a Snowman, Oaken puts a price on Anna’s coronation to be 55. Considering Oaken usually rips off his items about 4~5 times, it seems that Anna’s winter traveling coat would have cost a minimum of over 200 to 300 or more.

Frozen: Fever

Dresses from Frozen Fever

Anna’s birthday dress from Frozen: Fever is custom-made by the kingdom’s top tailors under Elsa’s commission. This is described in the novel as follows:

The first step was a brand-new dress. Elsa had worked with Arendelle’s finest seamstress to create something extra special.

p36, Fever junior novelization

We don’t know whether that tailor is from the castle or outside the village. However, it’s more likely the town’s tailor since Elsa had been wandering various shops to prepare Anna’s presents.

Additionally, Elsa’s dress, as depicted in the movie, is created by Elsa herself using her magic.

Frozen Adventure

Dresses from Olaf’s Frozen adventure

Anna and Elsa wear quite a warm winter outfit in Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. Anna had prepared both dresses and is described in novel as follows:

Elsa turned to Anna and was stunned to see her holding up two beautiful blue gowns. “Surprise!” Anna said, grinning.

p18, Olaf's Adventure junior novelization

I’m not sure, but, likely, Anna hadn’t made those dresses herself, and she probably had them custom-made either by a royal or an outside tailor.

Frozen 2

Elsa’s royal dress

Since Elsa freed her magic in Frozen 1, most of Elsa’s dresses seem to be crafted by herself.

Elsa is an artist and almost everything she wears she has created using her magic

p31, The art of Frozen

Elsa’s ethereal ornaments

Most of Elsa’s outfits have some ethereal gems or ornaments on them, and those characterize Elsa’s outfits, adding a mysterious and magical aura.

Anna’s town ceremony dress

As mentioned earlier, most of Anna’s outfits are from royal tailors. Especially it’s depicted that her final queen dress in the town ceremony scene was made through the royal tailors of the castle.

And special events naturally called for special outfits. Olaf agreed to help Kristoff and Sven deliver bolts of fine cloth to the royal dressmaker for Anna’s new gown.

p4, A taylor-made surprise

Anna tries to wear a new dress for the special ceremony, where they unveil the new statue for their parents. It is described that she brings fine clothes from outside, then the royal tailor turns those into a new dress.

Anna’s new short dress

The short version of that dress also seems to be made by the same royal tailor.


  • Anna and Elsa’s outfits in Frozen are created through various means.
  • After her magic is revealed, most of Elsa’s outfits are crafted by herself.
  • Most of Anna’s dresses are from royal tailors.
  • They also exchange outfits as gifts to each other.